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Why Collaborate?

Our collaboration efforts extend past the normal and break into the innovative. We collaborate in order to incorporate new, unique, and innovative ideas into our products. SterlingCarto is proud to continue collaboration with organizations such as AEGIS Technologies out of Guyana.

Guyana is located in northern South America and hosts tremendous potential for industrial, cultural, and tourism development due to its rich ecology, hydrology, and biodiversity. Located in the region knowns as "the land of many waters", Guyana hosts over 270 waterfalls and is home to the longest single drop water fall in the world.

It's no surprise that part of Guyana's appeal comes from it's diverse resources. However exposure to these resources can only be realized with careful planning and an emphasis on conservation of Guyana's wildlife and natural wonders.

SterlingCarto is proud to partner with AEGIS Technologies to inform others of what Guyana has to offer in unique and innovative ways. A recent project included the development of an Elevation Map for the country of Guyana.

Guyana Elevation Map

Christina Kumar, founder of AEGIS Technologies presents the Guyana Elevation Map to Guyana President Irfaan Ali in October, 2020.

AEGIS Technology presents Guyana Elevation map to Irfaan Ali

Guyana Elevation Map

AEGIS Technologies, a leader in GIS innovation is currently working on other projects to highlight Guyana in the region.

AEGIS Technologies GIS